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History & Information

Who is Mike Paulson

Mike Paulson is an extremely skilled and well known brass repair technician and has been repairing and customizing brass instruments for over 35 years. While on the road with various artists and orchestras, he learned from the masters across the country.  



From the smallest repair problem to the complete restoration of instruments, Mike Paulson's Brass Masters can help. Combining state-of-the-art equipment and techniques with old world craftsmanship and care assures customers that their instruments are cared for by technicians "Dedicated to the Art of Music".

Lead Trumpet with:
Air Force Band
Stan Kenton Neophonic Orchestra 

Disneyland "Tomorrowland Rock Band"

Don Ellis Orchestra

Ray Anthony Orchestra

Tommy Dorsey Big Band

Erskine Hawkins
Big Band

Artie Shaw Big Band

Musical Conductor & Lead Trumpet for the Ice Follies

Lead Trumpet Stardust Las Vegas "Lido De Paris" Show 11- years 

Pre-recorded Shows 

Norwegian Cruise Lines 

Royal Viking Lines 

Sitmar Cruise Lines

Independent Artists
Bob Anderson
Louie Bellson
Burt Bacherach
Dionne Warwick
Natalie Cole
Joe Williams
Al Hirt
Robert Goulet
Jerry Van Dyke
Jimmy Smith
Diane Shur
Bob Newhart
Quincy Jones
Alf Clausen
4 Tops
Debbie Reynolds
Donald O'Conner
Jackie Gayle
Pete Barbutti
Rip Taylor


Paulson Creations

 Creator & Designer of the Sound Sleeve

 Creator & Designer of the Paulson Custom Trumpet

 Creator & Designer of the Paulson Centerpiece



Customer Comments
"While playing at Jazz Alley in Seattle,with the late Maynard Ferguson, the trumpet section and myself had our trumpets and flugelhorn valves laser aligned. Mike has the best method for aligning valves in the world!"
 -Patrick Hessian (Former Maynard Ferguson Big Band, Lead Trumpet)

"The only place I'll have my trumpet serviced is with Mike Paulson"
 -Greg Adams
 Tower of Power & Recording Artist

"I'm so happy we have Brass Masters in Seattle. I take my horns to Brass Masters to be worked on by Mike and recommend my students to do the same. He does quick, thoughtful, and always quality work."
 -Mark Robbins (Associate Principal Horn Seattle Symphony, and Seattle Opera) 

 "After 60 years of professional playing and recording with bands
 and singers that include Woody Herman, the Slide Hampton Octet, the
 MJT+3, Peggy Lee and Anita O'Day, I am now 82 years young and
 living on Orcas Island off the WA coast. For several years I was a
Besson artist/clinicain and worked on a team with Dennis Najoom,
Marve Stam and Clay Jenkins developing the New Generation Meha,
 which is still the love of my life. This trumpet was literally on
life support when I met Mike, and he breathed new life into every centimeter of this brass proto relic. Mike is the Best in the
West ... my Main Man ... and the Dude that knows how to make
Gabriel himself want to steal your horn. Thanks Mike."
 -Willie Thomas
"Mike rocks in all ways. He built and repaired all my horns growing up.
If anyone is interested, I'll send you a recording of Mike playing
"give it one" at the stardust in 85. My dad was on the band too.
Anyway Mike slays it going to an F over double C. He's super awesome
in everyway."

-Jon Trimble

"I'm not an equipment chaser, but I bought a horn from the '60s off
(the internet)... The horn got here and, ehhh...nothing special. But,
since I didn't have much money in it, I wanted to see if it could (be) hot-rodded. I bought it as a commercial/lead horn. Sent it to Mike Paulson in Seattle -- Yikes! he did a great job. My wife even likes the sound as much as (better than?)  the horn that I've been playing for 30+ years -- a horn that Jeanne Pocious held up in admiration and then kissed a few years ago! Anyway, the difference in the horn after Mike worked on it is night and day -- now, something that I'll use.  I believe that Jon Trimble of this list, has mentioned Mike Paulson as a lead player on one or more of his
"best" lists. Mike adjusts and plays as he works his way through the horn.
...Makes sense that we let someone like Mike set up our instruments.
Nice guy on the phone and easy to talk to about what might be accomplished with some tweaking."

-Denny Schreffler, Tucson  
"I wanted to send you an update on the horns. All is good for sure!
They are open blowing, free, easy, centered & resonant. I also, loved the way the horns felt in my hands...Again, thanks for the help!"
 -Alexander W. Bender
 Beauty and the Beast National Tour '12

"Simply put, Mike Paulson is one of the most knowledgeable people I
have met when it comes to customizing trumpets. There is seemingly no
problem that Mike can't fix or at least make better. Mike has worked
on many, many horns I have owned and all of them played better when
Mike was finished. If you are looking to change the blow, sound,
intonation or response of your horn, Mike is THE man! His
valve-alignments are fantastic and he uses a variety of unique methods
to problem solve. Mike's biggest asset is that he is 30 year (plus)
professional trumpet player who has paid a lot of dues. Mike is really
in touch with what works and what doesn't in the "real world" of
trumpet playing. That is something very rare in the repair profession.
Tell Mike your problems, he knows how to help!"
 -Thomas Marriott
Jazz Trumpet/Recording Artist


"Mike's work is outstanding. I had him put a first valve slide and do a valve alignment to my average and barely usable Mt. Vernon 43. It is now one of the best trumpets I have ever played and everyone is excited about this trumpet. Thanks Mike!"
-Brian Chin
 Professional Trumpet Artist


Mike, you have my sincere appreciation for doing the valve alignment / tune up on my Schilke X-3...The horn is noticeably better in the way I find notes in the upper range, the way the valves feel, and the way the horn just feels in my hands. And not to mention a fatter sound I'm hearing now, makes me not want to put the horn down. I knew this trumpet would be good, but you've made it even better! Thanks a bunch...

-Marty Molloy, Seattle



Specializing Repair
Brass Masters can serve musicians of all levels, from novice to the professional. Brass Masters by Mike Paulson is located in North Seattle. Mike Paulson, is noted thoughout the country for his knowlege and experience. Mike states, "We provide Modifications of Instruments, dependable and honest technical service in a prompt and timely manner."

You can rest assured that Brass Masters will provide you with the highest level of service for your specialty needs. Other cutting edge technologies include Laser Valve Alignment, which combines laser fiber-optic scope and digital gauges for precision valve alignments.
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