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Authorized Dealer for Kanstal Musical Instruments & Mouthpieces

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206 829-8008

Discuss with
Mike Paulson
the custom modifications your interested in having done.

Leadpipe modification for freer blowing

Bell modification for freer blowing & optimum sound.

Custom heavy bottom caps

Port & Polish
valve work for freer blowing

Tuning slide modifications for more sound & freer blowing

Relocate braces for more sound & relieving stress

Mike Paulson Brass Masters Assurance

"I can make any trumpet play better, guaranteed!"


  Sample of our Services

        Chemical Bath for Trumpet Lacquer

        Trumpet Chemical & Sliver Dip


        F Rotor Trombone

        Bass Trombone

        Bass Trombone with Rotor

        Double Rotor

        Marching Brass

       Single  French Horn
        Double French Horn

        Silver Baritone/Euphonium
        P/C Tuba/Sousaphone

        Pro Laser Valve Alignment
                (All Valved Instruments)
        Valve Lap & Case Hone
        Broken Brace

        Dent removal and/or repair work for all brass
        instruments -
Price Adjusted to each instrument

        Trombone Slide Work -Price Adjusted to each instrument
        Mouthpiece alteration -
Drill, Backbore, Shank

Change Bell and/or Leadpipe

        Customizing Instruments - Price Adjusted to each instrument

        Buffing and Polishing at standard shop rates

        Minimum Shop Service Charge - $10.00

        Case Repair - Price Adjusted to each case

        Complete Restorations - Price Adjusted to each instrument

     Contact Mike Paulson TODAY regarding
      your specific needs and price range.

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